Assault Rifle in Fallout 3

R91 Assault RifleEdit

The Assault Rifle is one of the most reliable weapons in the Capital Wasteland. It is semi-automatic and has a high rate of fire, for those who find that the bolt action Hunting Rifle takes too long to put down a group of targets. The damage that this weapon deals, combined with the ready availability of ammunition means that a compromise can easily be struck between wasting expensive/semi-rare rounds from powerful guns on animals such as molerats and not even making a dent into the health of the more dangerous critters out there such as the infamous deathclaw. Instead the weapon allows you to dispatch weak foes with just a few rounds, whilst also providing you with an all important lifeline should you stumble upon, or even go looking for, the creatures that will have a more negative impact on your health. Many can be found laying around or for sale in various locations, so it is fairly easy to find spare parts if yours is jamming often, etc.

All in all it is clear to see why this weapon is relied upon by many wastelanders to keep them safe from the horrors which are waiting out there. If you can get your grimy, slightly irradiated hands on one of these beasties, all of your issues pertaining to killing things will be over!