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Aerial view of Big Town.

Big Town, despite what you might think after hearing the name for the first time, is not big. Rather, when Little Lamplighters turned 16 and became "mungos", they traveled here and named the area Big Town now that they were "big".


Big Town is not one of the safest places in the Wastes. Super Mutant patrols occasionally come around and attack the town (though, not after completeing the Quest "Big Trouble in Big Town"), and there isn't much in the way of security. Only 8 people live in Big Town (or 9 if you complete "A Sticky Situation"). Red is the doctor, but there is no merchant until a scavenger comes around every once in a while. Pappy can perform basic repairs on your equipment. Bittercup, a girl obsessed with death, can give you things every 13 hours if you act politely to her when you meet her. She might give you some ammo, an aid item, or even a piece of junk.

It is recommended that, when completing the "Big Trouble in Big Town" quest, that the 'robotic' way is used, if possible. This adds a Protectron and Sentry Bot to the town, making any enemy attacks less damaging to the town. It is also advised that you reverse-pickpocket better armor and weapons onto the inhabitants if you wish for the town to survive.


  • Clubhouse
  • Common House
  • Red's Clinic
  • Town Hall


A Sticky Situation

Big Trouble in Big Town

Strictly Business

The Replicated Man