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These are not to be confused with Bighorners. Brahmin are mutated cattle with two heads. When the bombs fell, cows mutated and grew two heads, and were given the name brahmin. They also have eight stomach compartments, twice as many as normal cows. They are of a toasty brown/orange colour, and attack by head-butting or trying to gore someone with their horns. Brahmin meat is delicious - if only when compared to other sources of food. Brahmin are a source of milk that is like modern day milk, yet strangely different, it has been said to help heal radiation poisoning. Brahmin bulls have four testicles, and the udders of female brahmin have increased in size as a result of their mutation. Occasionally, a brahmin is born with a single head - essentially, a regular cow. Ironically, these single-headed brahmin are referred to as "mutated" brahmin. Many young hoodlums have taken to 'Brahmin tipping' by crouching down next to it and tipping it over, the Brahmin takes awhile to get back up; they make quite a bit of noise as they do so, so if you are within range of Brahmin you should get away before the owner accuses you of the crime.