Alright Wastelanders, listen up and listen well.


Dogmeat is one of the best companions that can be found in the entire Capital Wasteland, and it's recommended you find him as soon as possible, because he's extremely helpful early on in the game. This dog has many extraordinary abilities, and even has a history in the Fallout series, it's ancestor being both in the original Fallout, and Fallout 2.


Dogmeat is found fighting off raiders in the Scrapyard, which is due northeast of Vault 101. You should go there immediately, because Dogmeat is an invaluable asset in your party. After dealing with the raiders (unless Dogmeat already killed them), go ahead and talk to him. Tell him to follow you around, and voila, he's yours. Dogmeat is able to do many things for you that other companions can't. Some of these things include bypasssing locked containers to get you items, and finding you weapons, food, chems, and
Map Scrapyard
even ammunition. While Dogmeat's attacks aren't very powerful, he can take on a deathclaw with ease for some reason, and can take a hell of a beating. It's advised you use this to your advantage, using Dogmeat as a distraction of sorts. All in all, Dogmeat is one of the best companions in the game, and you should pick him up during your travels throughout the Capital Wasteland. Besides, having a dog with you during your travels throughout the wasteland makes for one hell of a story.


Dogmeat's ancestor is featured both in the original Fallout, and Fallout 2. In the original Fallout, Dogmeat was recruited by giving it Iguana on a stick, or wearing a leather jacket. In Fallout 2, he is met in a special encounter. It's currently unknown how Dogmeat made his way to the Capital Wasteland, but it must have been one hell of a journey, as his last owner was a scavenger who was killed by the raiders when you find him.