The Flamer is a weapon in the Big Guns category that shoots flames out of its spout and should mostly be used to clear out muliple enemies that decided bullets are strangely ineffective against a guy in power armor. No one knows why they think that sharpened sticks would be better than bullets but whatever. This weapon can easily take down multiple enemies even when you have run out of ammo as it gives burn damage for up to 3 seconds. For even greater power one should invest in the Pyromaniac Perk.

The flamer is a nice weapon out there, but heavy. Some can be found on those 'Helpful' Brotherhood of Steel soldiers that patrol the wastes. What we like best about this weapon is the fact that it sets people on fire and keeps on burning them for a while after, which usually spices up things a little bit. Best to be used in a crowded situation, for example: a horde of feral ghouls, but not to be used on a single enemy unless you are out of ideas of ways of killing it. Try to avoid gas leaks when using this weapon, as the resulting explosions can be quite nasty.