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Shady Sands is the capital city of the New California Republic and the largest known settlement in the waste. It is the center of government within the Core Region.


The town was founded by dwellers of Vault 15 in 2142 with the help of the G.E.C.K. with Aradesh leading the community. By 2161, it was a small, thriving settlement, completely self-sufficient, as they managed to irrigate some of the wasteland soil to support crops (primarily maize and cabbage), drill a well to provide them with water and even raise brahmin. Their grown crops and resources managed to sustain the region, but were also always in short supply and always being attacked by the raider group known as The Khans. These problems were alleviated by the Vault Dweller, who discovered the settlement en route to Vault 15. Initially distrusting of the stranger, the inhabitants quickly warmed up to the hero as he successfully rid the community of the radscorpion threat, and later rescued Tandi, Aradesh's daughter, from captivity at the hands of The Khans, killing all but one of the raiders. Following the establishment of the New California Republic by Aradesh and later Tandi, the township expanded rapidly, eventually transforming itself from a small agrarian settlement into the largest civilized population center in the Core Region.


  • Westin Ranch
  • NCR Bazaar
  • Hall of Congress