One of the new initiatives that I wish to put forward, which I have discussed with Sombar1, is the idea of listing dialogue with key NPCs. This would be as if our "Wasteland Survival Guide Team" had gone out into the field to interview importand individuals. The idea would be that for each of the non-quest specific dialogue options for each NPC, we would list a question similar to that which the player says, and we would then list below it the NPCs response. All hostile leaders of factions would be said to have declined an interview. This would add an increased level of immersion to character pages that would otherwise just be their routine, factions etc.

These would be listed under the heading "Interview" on each character page. I'll start taking notes from Fallout:New Vegas once I'm free again next weekend, but I don't have a copy of Fallout 1 or 2, so I'd need at least one other person to help out. I've not made this a project, but once we have more contributors, I will.

As there are thousands of named NPCs across the Fallout games, they need to be prioritized.

  1. Faction leaders must be the first NPCs to have their responses transcripted.
  2. Key faction members such as second-in-command, head of security etc.
  3. Other exciting people that the player may come across, through random encounters etc.

This is definitely going to happen, but the more people we get on board, the better. What do you guys think?

Here's a little test section for you to get the idea:


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