• Omega-Ginger

    Life Keeps Going

    August 19, 2011 by Omega-Ginger

    Hello there. My name's David, but you can call me Ginger. Everyone else does. I am presently writing this entry from the lobby computer of a Springhill Suite in Wheeling, WV. My grandmother passed away earlier this week, so my family went on a sixteen hour road trip from Tampa to Wheeling. My ass was on fire by the end. The viewing was yesterday and the funeral was today. As I say, life keeps going. Don't stop and regret.

    I plan on returning home tomorrow and returning to Fallout 3. I DLC-shared Broken Steel from my aunt's girlfriend, so I'm working on a new file for that. Gotta love the Dogmeat health bug. It's a pain starting up, though. Gotta get my mojo working again. Once I get the Xuanlang, Eugene, and Vengeance, I'll be back in actio…

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