Here are a few things I think we may need to change moving forward.

  • General Tips- All pages in this section need to be able to actually be able to help the player and there are some pages here that are kinda useless.
  • Admins & High Admins- This will cause me to lose my status if it goes into effect but I think we should abandon the idea of two different types of admins. Its just to easy to get enough edits to become an admin and there is no point in high admins because as an admin I can do everything a high admin can. Theres no real difference between the two so I say merge them and make it 500+ edits to gain status. If we do this then I think we need to lower Ranger status edits down to 200+.
  • More focused goals- Its hard to tell the purpose of this wiki and as more users come to this site they will be left scratching their heads not knowing what to do. This can cause people to add info that may not fit with our goals.
  • Pictures- I think we need to stop adding pics not taken from or influenced by Fallout. This mainly has to do with real world pics that just don't look right on the pages.
  • Acheivments- Every acheivment needs to be renamed and have a different picture. We can't use the Wikia stock icons. Look at what The Vault did with there acheivments. It just looks so much better.
  • Theme- I like the new theme but it has a weird glich where it sometimes leaves a black and orange checker pattern on the outline of the page or it covers the whole page when I visit this site on my phone.

Anyway please leave feedback in the comments.