• Sombar1

    GNR 28

    October 27, 2012 by Sombar1

    Welcome to the Temple of the People! I am a brother to you all, regardless of national alliance.

    The Aircrafters are suddenly feeling the full brunt of Rivet's force, seeing their offensive troops moving from the Capitalist-Rivet borders to the Rivet-Aircrafter borders. This is due to the agreed six-month truce between the Capitalists and the Rivet State, allowing the two super powers to focus on their smaller conflicts in the region. Thus, the Aircrafters met their first true conflict with the Rivet Rangers, a battle along the Potomac known as the Battle of Alexander, in which the Rangers took the stretch of land known as Alexander Country, claiming it, yet keeping its non-hostile citizens intact as Rivet citizens. This is a great expansio…

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  • Sombar1

    GNR 27

    October 26, 2012 by Sombar1

    I don't know why I left the homestead, I really must confess. We're all weary exiles, children! Time for that heavy wine!

    We've been getting reports of a revolutionary force growing inside the Capitalist State. In the old raiders grounds of Evergreen Mills, the citizens, once former slaves of the rich, have been workers in the mines for the past two years, breaking back to dig into the Earth. However, as interest began to be lost, and the city's origin uncovered, caravans haved been sacked in the region, and many of the citizens have armed themselves in old-time raider fashion. We've seen a quick revolt take place, in which ten Capitalist soldiers were brutally murdered and the bodies put on display outside the Evergreen Valley, warning awa…

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  • Sombar1

    GNR 26

    October 23, 2012 by Sombar1

    Welcome to my Castle in the sky! Keep in mind, arms and legs must be inside the castle at all points of the ride. Enjoy.

    The Sapronas lie dead with the marching masses of Rangers invading Capitalist territory. The town, now known as Havoc Central, is the newest conquered city for Rivet, pushing into Capitalist territory and breaking many soldiers' will of survival. This was all on order from President Harkness. He said in an interview on this decision, "Waiting in Megaton will only lead to more deaths of Rivet citizens. In order to build a great nation, we must protect our people by crushing our enemies." This message has brought fear to Rivet's enemies of the Capitalist State and the Aircrafters, both of who fight necessary wars in order t…

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  • Sombar1

    GNR 25

    October 22, 2012 by Sombar1

    Hello, Capital Wastelanders! I am back, and badder than ever, after two years spent with the Regulators! Whoa! What a rush being back. No, I ain't in the old studio, I've got a new setup, and hopefully it'll work just fine. This is GNR, with Boar, the one and only.

    The two years of peace have been cut short just a few weeks ago, as Capitalist troopers marched on Megaton, securing a position not too far away. There have been a few volleys of gunfire as the Rangers and the Capitalists attempt to each seal a solid position in the region, but to no avail, as no casualties have been reported on either side. Megaton, still the largest city in the wastes in both population and area, remains safely under Ranger control, which is where it hopes to s…

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  • Sombar1

    Hunting the Wastes

    April 12, 2012 by Sombar1

    The shits busted into my studio like it was their own, but I had left a minefield waiting for them. After the lower guards heard what happened to their buddies, they were all rushing up. But it was too late; I had already leapt out the back entrance and was sprinting away for the Metro. Bullets ricocheted against the stone, and I could see the soldiers sprinting after me, their boots stained red from the blood of their comrades, but I knew they couldn't catch me. I hid under an abandoned bus until nightfall. I saw them go by, catching up on the fake trail I had the Soldier prepare weeks earlier. The Speaker has fled. That much the night knows.

    I wanted to head to Rivet, or maybe the Citadel, or even Liberty City. No one knows my face, only …

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