Welcome to my humble abode. It's location? Your radio, your ears, your mind, your heart, your soul. That is where I take my haven, and I welcome you inside.

The Talon-Rivet War is winding down to a close. Starlight City was successfully defended thanks to reinforcements from the Rivet City Rivet Rangers and the Lyon's Pride. These guys then launched a strong counter-offensive that pushed back the Outcasts to the southern border. Word is, a large unit of Brotherhood and Rivet troops are marching to the Outcasts' Fort to settle the score once and for all.

The Battle of Megaton was fought two days ago with the Talon mercs finally reaching the gate leading inside. However, these bastards were met with a heavy defensive line, nearly sixty strong, that barauded the attackers with a barage of bullets. Megaton still stands strong, people, still strong.

Megaton and Rivet City are now negotiating payment for the war. Some are suggesting that Rivet City will now attempt to annex Megaton, but I don't think that's how it looks. From what I've heard, Rivet City is simply negotiating the taking of Springvale in order to establish a Rivet City town outside of the Old City's borders. This will also help keep the Outcasts and Talon mercs in check.

However, we have pressing issues at hand. Tenpenny Tower is nearing destruction due to the constant onslaught of explosive attacks by the Market Square. Not only that, but it seems that the Sleuth's troops are marching towards the tower as I speak. Tenpenny Tower may very well be taken in the night, but I'm not so sure. Those ghouls are some tough sons o' bitches, and they might be able to hold of the attackers once they are breached. Good luck to you, ghoulies. Kick their asses.

A band of yesterday raiders have formed together to become a new group, the Vikings. These fools dress in leather armor carved from the hides that they kill, and they have a camp set up north where the roads lead from the Capital Wastes. My friend the Wanderer was able to get an interview, and all he could learn was that the folk worship a guy named Wotan, but instead of preying to him they speak to him as equals. Interesting practice. However, it is said that they aren't outright hostile. For a group of raiders, they are quite mellow, and allow outsiders to sit at their camp. How the hell these folk changed is a great mystery of our time.

That's all the news for today, my brothers and sisters. Stay together and stay forever.