I count my blessings everyday, blessings like a warm bed, clean water, a good meal, and a trusted 9mm pistol at my side.

Times are tough. Tough as hell, they say. So tough that things may seem great one day and total hell the next. Like last night, my good old friend was wandering the old metro tunnels, on his way to Rivet City, when suddenly he was ambushed by a pack of ferals, who dragged him off into the darkness as his companions screamed. One ran after him, but after a few moments, the screams of pain and torment that filled the tunnels told the others that the man wasn't coming back, and neither was my friend. So long, Marcus, you were a good man.

The tunnels aren't safe anymore, children. And I don't mean your run of the mill dangerous, here. I mean old school D.C. dangerous. Ghouls, ferals not your goodies, are seen there every fucking day, waiting for the right time to pounce. And these are the Reapers, not the roamers and regular assholes seen everyday. But these are just the normalities of the underground world. There's reports of some even worse bastards creeping up, unable to be killed by bullet or blade alike, mininuke blasts just making them stronger, these fucking ferals are as dangerous as hell! Only two have been killed, and their bodies dragged out to show the world. Creepy shits, they are.

Raiders are stepping it up underground as well. So many travel to the Rivet State, that the metro tunnels are practically a highway for travellers, and the raiders wasted no opportunity seizing the tunnels and using them to ambush passerbyers. The bodies are stacking up, and the Rivet Rangers can only do so much, combating crime in their cities, protecting their borders from tribals, and now increased raider operations.

But we aren't the only ones. Megaton has descended into chaos and hell. With no scavenging opportunities in D.C., the people are fighting over what remains of the money. Gangsters and drug dealers are taking control, killing who they want, when they want. The town guard has disbanded, due to the lack of payment, and now the entire police force is based around volunteer work.

The Capitalists are facing the hordes of Super Mutants that once roamed D.C. They have a strong army, ready and well and trained, but their organization is terrible, and with many small, unprotected cities and towns lying out in the open, more and more of their citizens die each day.

It's as though the entire wasteland has suddenly descended into hell. I hope we don't meet Dante and find out this is only the first level. So long, my brothers. Until we meet again.