Hello, Capital Wastelanders! I am back, and badder than ever, after two years spent with the Regulators! Whoa! What a rush being back. No, I ain't in the old studio, I've got a new setup, and hopefully it'll work just fine. This is GNR, with Boar, the one and only.

The two years of peace have been cut short just a few weeks ago, as Capitalist troopers marched on Megaton, securing a position not too far away. There have been a few volleys of gunfire as the Rangers and the Capitalists attempt to each seal a solid position in the region, but to no avail, as no casualties have been reported on either side. Megaton, still the largest city in the wastes in both population and area, remains safely under Ranger control, which is where it hopes to stay, but Governor King and General Simms aren't too joyful at the moment, hoping to save their cheers for the drink.

And this doesn't mean Rivet is a one-front state. No, on the contrary, the Aircrafters have begun a southern invasion, moving in on Rivet City and Starlight City, hoping to quickly cut into Rivet's supply line and population. However, the Rangers have successfully fended off the two groups of invaders, keeping them at bay and sending over twenty men of the Aircrafters into the murky Potomac waters. War has come, children, and it isn't too pretty.

But let's not forget the little guys, right? Those of Arefu are getting worried by the increase activity in gangs. These ruffients are breaking into the small town communities, forming drug rings, extortion practices, and killing over terf. Last week, three men were killed at the edge of Arefu during a brutal drug war over the customers in the little city. These gangs are as ruthless as some raiders, and are quickly hooking innocent citizens to their poisonous product, creating a rift in the peaceful ways of the country.

But we all need to be concerned with the growth of the population around the region. We've grown exponentially, taking in refugees from around the American wastes, from Ronto to the Pitt, from Anchorage to the Miami Monarchy, we are facing a growth of population, but not of wealth, and we may face some economic hard times as the years go on. Be careful, my fellow men and women.

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