I don't know why I left the homestead, I really must confess. We're all weary exiles, children! Time for that heavy wine!

We've been getting reports of a revolutionary force growing inside the Capitalist State. In the old raiders grounds of Evergreen Mills, the citizens, once former slaves of the rich, have been workers in the mines for the past two years, breaking back to dig into the Earth. However, as interest began to be lost, and the city's origin uncovered, caravans haved been sacked in the region, and many of the citizens have armed themselves in old-time raider fashion. We've seen a quick revolt take place, in which ten Capitalist soldiers were brutally murdered and the bodies put on display outside the Evergreen Valley, warning away those daring enough to venture inward.

Yes, raiders are returning, and in droves. Many small villages inside the Rivet State have been forced to attack other villagers and travelers in order to survive, resulting in the deaths of nearly sixteen in the last week, a disastrous streek of blood, staining our roads and people in terror. Due to their recent crushing defeat, and the rising amount of raiders in both territories, President Harkness and the leader of the Capitalists, known only as the Warlord, have decided to negotiate a possible ceasefire. Both are also fighting wars on different fronts, so this may prove a great position for them both.

But these aren't isolated cases of Raider Wars. Baltimore is facing a possible rise of new powers as many raider factions garner new members, capable of overrunning cities and towns. Down south, near the ruins of Atlanta Country, we're also hearing reports of great raider tribes, none far off from Caesar out West. This rise in bloodshed may be our downfall, but it is far from being our only problem.

Big Town recently took the head off of an exploring Centaur, prowling around the grounds. This has greatly spooked not only the city itself but also its neighbor settlements, who all have been happy with the lack of Super Mutant presence for some time. But recently we've been seeing more and more reports of wandering Super Mutant bands, these just as strong and armed as they were before they left.

To add to the terror, I recently saw a report about how one traveler witnessed a convoy of Super Mutants carrying away humans, hauling them off north. We know what happens to those who go north, and we hope not to see this come back and haunt us. If they found what they were looking for, and it looks very much like they have, hopefully we won't be seeing the rise of a new faction of the Brutes around these parts. Lord knows how many Frankensteins I've killed on both Coasts.

Today's news was brought to you by Gob's Palace, the hub of all glamor and booze in Megaton. Have a good day, kiddies!

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