Holy shit, people, you will not believe this. I mean, some crazy stuff is going on, but this takes the fucking cake.

We all hate the Outcasts. They act high-and-mighty, like they're purer bred than us, stomping over our soil with their black and red kickass armor. But damn, I always thought they were harmless. But, apparently, the Outcasts are now siding with the Talon Company in the recent war. You heard me right, it is the Talon Company and Outcasts moving in on Megaton and Rivet City. There's talk of the Brotherhood helping out the Rangers and Megaton, but nothings certain, and the same goes for the Regulators.

But why the hell would they do this? Apparently, a base due south of the Potomac River, in possession of the Mercs, holds all sorts of gear, weaponry, and inventions from before the war, high-quality stuff too, and Talon Company promises to give the base and the materials to the Outcasts in exchange for the temporary alliance. Holy shit, Outcasts. You really believe in this base? How do you know they aren't making it up? They're from Talon Company, for God's sake! I mean, damn. So if you see an Outcast patrol, children, throw shit at them, and it'd be best to use grenades.

Y'all been to Megaton, correct? Seen the Children of Atom? Well, the First Starlight City Church of Atom has officially opened in, where else?, Starlight City. The faith is spreading to the city as most making up the city hail from the vast quantities of the refugees from Megaton. Confessor Cromwell is even said to be giving a speech at the Church next week. I really don't know what to say to this other than good luck, Confessor.

The Hunter strikes again! Yesterday, two travelers strayed a bit too close to Paradise Falls and suddenly were being tied up and carried in by the slavers now residing there. But suddenly, the heads of the two men exploded in a shower of blood and brains, and the infamous Hunter reared her beautiful head. That's right. The Hunter is apparently a woman, and a good looking one at that. Hey, Hunter, stop by my place, I got big game ready to be hunted.

That's all the news for today, children. Of yeah, the Wanderer says hi to all of you folk out there trying to get somewhere. Good luck to the travelers. Peace!