Welcome to GNR, that's Galaxy News Radio, the bringer of truth and purity to your irradiated backyard. I am Boar, your messenger in these wastes of hell. Here is the news.

The Battle of Springvale commenced last night, with Talon Company mercs advansing from their position in the school towards the Rivet Ranger outpost. Many were taken down, although several points were secured, and now the two forces are fighting it out on the burnt-out streets. The Rangers are set in their defensive position, however, and thus are having an easy time merely picking off the advansing troops.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood and the Rangers are launching a campaign to clear out D.C. of all Talon Company mercs. For three years the vast majority of troops have been centered around the area, and so many outposts and towns of the Talon fuckers lie within the stretches of the Old City. There's rumors of two posts being cleared out, but because there was no official report, the news is merely speculation.

The Regulators, in the meantime, have refused the offer to assist in the effort, being more concentrated on the rise in slaver activity. More and more squads are being sent north, and these are containing more and more units in each one. The slavers are also acting. They've been seen far past their borders, and some suspect them moving outside the Capital Wasteland territory and moving to other areas for an increase in productivity. What they'll do next we don't know, but we can hope it won't be as drastic as the war down south.

Many wonder what has become of the Super Mutant threat. Well, I'll answer that. It has dissapated. They've run out of the juice to make more with several successful campaigns against Vault 87 in the past few years, and now they're being expelled from the downtown area. Soon, we'll be able to just killing each other and not having to worry about those Frankensteins getting in our way.

Market Square has become the breeding ground for insanity, rage, and hostility. There, a man dubbed the Warlord is preaching a strong hate against the Ghouls of Tenpenny Tower and is assembling a force made up of nearly seventy men, armed and ready for a fight. Many blame this increase in military action against the missionaries from the south coming to Market Square, but I don't know how true this belief is. They don't seem hateful to me, and damn, they're teaching fucking agriculture. That should be enough to prove their innocense.

Today marks a cool day, children, a day of relaxation and fun, so stop on down by the Rivet City Lounge and Recreation Site, the greatest place on this side of the Potomac.

That's all the news today, children, stay pretty and stay safe.

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