There's good news, and bad news, but mostly there is just news. This is GNR with your one and only host, Boar, coming to you loud and proud from the bunker of knowledge.

The Talon Company and Rivet Ranger war rages on, with the Rangers narrowly gaining the lead. The forces of downtown D.C. have recently finished expelling the Talon mercs from the heart of the Old City. Now the burnt out buildings don't have their filthy presence any longer. At Megaton, the Talon Company forces have recently regrouped with an Outcast patrol, and are pushing back the Rivet Rangers in Springvale. Most of the Rangers are now falling back to Megaton, to solidify its defenses and maintain a strong presence.

Starlight City is being attacked by the bulk of the Outcast forces. Day in and day out they bombard the city with all of the power they have, and occasionally they have infiltrated the city. However, the city has a large number of soldiers protecting it, both of the Rivet Rangers and the Brotherhood of Steel Knights and Paladins. They are holding it strong, but both sides have faced several casualties. Poor souls. Beat back those Outcast bastards!

The Museum of History has recently been completely fended off from the attacking bigots. Underworld has now given out a strict no-human-allowed policy in order to maintain good security. As well as this, they are offering residency to any Ghoul who joins the security team, now twenty strong. Underworld is now a safe-haven for Ghouls everywhere.

Unfortunately, Sleuth and his men have escaped the Ghouls' clutches and are fleeing D.C. Some suspect the group will move to Tenpenny Tower and assist Warlord in his assault against the Tenpenny Ghouls, but others suspect the men will move to their own territory and hide out. Either way sucks in my opinion.

Out there is a dangerous world, people. Stay safe, stay indoors, stay loaded, but most of all, stay beautiful, my children. Stay beautiful.