Hello, people of the wasteland, it is I, Boar, coming to you live from the hell we know as downtown D.C.! I have plenty of news for you all today, people, so listen up, open your heart, soul, and mind, cuz here it comes. I hope the feeing of your spirit can help you ignore the hunger of your belly.

To start off, Rivet City continues its pursuit of land and expanse of its city. It is constantly growing in size. Smaller cities from the downtown area are now moving to it, and it has even set up an outpost or second town near the Jefferson Memorial and the Citadel underneath the land-based section of a bridge. Here, plans are being set up to use the combined militaries of Rivet City and the Brotherhood of Steel to launch a large raid of the downtown area, to further push back the advansing Super Mutant hordes. Go get 'em, boys!

In other news scientists Moira Brown and Horace Pikerton have recently developed a phone line using radio waves acting as transmitters to ham radios. These ham radios are then routed throughout the area, and different lines can be added. Essentially, Megaton and Rivet City are now connected via old phones. Wicked cool, doctor and merchant, wicked cool.

A growing deathclaw population has begun to press southward, using the hills of the west section of the Capital Wasteland to move about. They are tearing towns around the area to pieces, so be advised not to head in that direction for a while.

Finally, Caterbury Commons, using old fields and research from Rivet City, have successfully cultivated a field and grown a large amount of fresh plants able to be consumed. These plants were watered with only pure water and farmed in pure soil, making them strong and edible. This marks the first point in Capital Wasteland history where food has been made from other sources than meat. Kick ass.

Keep up the good work, ladies and germs, let's move ourselves onward to a better tomorrow.

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