Alright, I have several issues I'd like the community to vote on. So, listen up everyone, let's see what we can get done.

  • We need to make us a sister wiki of the Vault. When does everyone think this should be done? I'm thinking one hundred articles, but if you guys think that it should be done later/earlier than speak up.
  • I'm considering putting up a news section for us or a different category that would encompass news and taking done the popular pages category in exchange. Should I or should I not?
  • I was wondering, should we have this encompass other post-apocalyptic games as well, to sort of add to the whole surviving the apocalypse feel, or should it be entirely Fallouty. Either way I will still love this place as my own.
  • About PipGirl and Deathclawpoop, this is an official vote on whether to keep them as High Admins or demote them.
  • And finally I think we should speed up the vote on which emblem we should use. (I personally love number 3 and I really like number 1).