We passed through a large town, which apparently was right inside the Capitalist territory, so it received all of the hardcore goods from the other factions. The town was called Sapronas, and it was run by a bunch of big, tough-as-nails motherfuckers who walked the streets wearing suits and carrying quality guns.

I watched these guys, who called themselves the Mob, beat a guy to pulp, right out in the middle of the street. Then the leader took a bat and bashed in his face, killing him within seconds.

This town was the only self-made town that was thriving, one of the Mob gangsters told me. He said that every other town was poor, falling apart, and dying due to extremely heavy taxation. But this town had Ricardo Saprona, a man who rose from complete poverty to dominate the town with a massive amount of cash. Because of this, the town was considered a province, and the taxation was completely dependant on Saprona's decisions. Saprona decided that instead of taxing his people, every citizen has to work for the province in one way or another. Instead of cash, he asked for labor.

But this town was also a hotbed for raiders, who would wander in from the Fairfax Ruins and start some trouble. That's what the "soldiers" were for, who would kill the raiders right when they stepped inside the city. Sometimes, they'd kill whoever would enter, unless a crew leader would say otherwise.

It was frightening, walking through the city streets, seeing this big guys with their eyes aimed at you. My men and I didn't stay long. We just stocked up on supplies and kept on walking.

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