Market Sqare. The town from which the Capitalist State was born. Here, the Warlord rose to power by praying on the despair the people were facing, people who, up until that point, had lived in wealth and leisure, never worrying about anything besides that funny smell of smug in the air.

Yet you wouldn't know that this town was where their revolution began. It seems nothing like the stories described it. One citizen told me it was, "A trading town, full of people and businesses. There's so much trading, that all are employed. And there are so many caps, one could live off of those that get lost on the floor." However, this town seems barren. Yes, there's people, but they're either hid inside their homes or lying sickly on the streets. Most of the buildings are abandoned, and all but two are cast from scrap. There is no noise other than the whispers from the soldiers who prow the town.

And that is what frightens me. We're now deep in Capitalist territory, just a few miles walk from Tenpenny Tower, and here the people are at their worst. Their eyes pierce you like needles, as they don't recognize you or your clothes. I carry a Starlight Revolver, with a little star on the butt, and not one individual recognizes its craft, and thus they are afraid I am a soldier from the East. The soldiers occasionally aim their guns at us, and when we jump they laugh and throw swears our way. I just want to get out of here.

However, it is said that people are watching the roads. Raiders, one man told me, just sitting by and waiting. The Captain of the Guard thinks that there's only a few raiders, but the elders know better; there's an army waiting outside the city walls, and the town is just sitting in the open, ready to be overrun. Oddly enough, this filled me with joy. The destruction of this city is exactly what I wish for. Maybe Rivet will align with these raiders and bring the Capitalists to their knees. One can only hope.

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