We've gotten a good distance from D.C. I can still hear your voice and music, so we're in range. The signal boost was a success! That means that as soon as we can get more reporters out with our equipment, we can start reporting for the Fallen Empire and the Aircrafters.

Everything is green out here, which is a great surprise. We passed over the dead zone and now we're in a green landscape. At first it was simply a moment of drama; we though we had gotten so far off course, that we must have wandered onto some sort of farming land. However, we soon realized we were on the right path, and then we came accross a small city known as Tunland.

The city reminds me a great deal of how cities were before the Reorganization began. It has a large amount of citizens all moving from one hub to another. They work together in an almost commune-sort of way. They have farms, even more superior than ours, and have a good amount of industry under way, yet not as productive as ours. However, guns are in short supply, so ours were worth more than gold. The currency stayed the same, simple caps, which they say was a habbit picked up by traders from the East, meaning others have been out this far.

No one officially ran the city, but the most influential men were Joseph Ama, the local hardware-store owner, and Ricketts, the retired explorer. These two looked over most town projects and what they approved got moved through. One such project was dealing with two other factions: one, the slavers, who would always try to sneak into town and steal away people, usually children; and two, the Talon Company, which had spread out since they lost the war. Apparently, there are three other cities out here, and they are under the control of the Talon. I don't know how, but apparently the Talon has formed into its own state, and with its mobilization in the Capital Wastes, I wonder how we will fair against them. That's all I have for you today.

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