I'm hearing about the government coming down hard on you. I'm sorry, my friend. I know I shouldn't give you messages like this, but it is something that must be done. I'm already taking some precautions myself. Knowing you, Winton and Harkness are both after you, and I wouldn't be surprised if agents are watching you. I've got Soldier and Watcher on the ready; once you are taken, they'll spring you out. After this, they'll bring you over to the Roadway, and then we'll chart a course there.

Until then, I found what we were looking for. Direct route, easy to access, easy to use. You weren't lying. Talon Company seems to not know its purpose or its significance. However, this Legion would have a tough time crossing it. It's guarded by the Talon Company; if anyone traversed it, they'd be picked off easily.

As for the Californians, there is one here. He's a former soldier, just like yourself, and he says that he fought in the Second Battle of the Hoover Dam. Says the Dam was taken by the NCR, the Legate was killed along with Mr. House, and the rest of the forces were beaten back East. If they came out this way, they'd be far too weakened. But, I know you aren't worrying about them.

The Brothers are gone, and if they meet these shits, they'll win. Surely, they will. Don't worry, my friend. You and he are all that are left, this is what I believe. Winton, Warlord, myself, we're all simply the copies of the originals. But if this faction does exist, than we'll have to be prepared.

You were also right about the corruption. Winton is feeding dollars from the public to the Talon Company. The plan runs hand-in-hand with Harkness; he's not free from the guilt. They want the Talon Company to attack the Capitalists so as to weaken them. Once they're down, Harkness's units will storm the countryside amd take the territory by force. But it's always been a target. One long, damned contract that traces back years. It even goes back to the Rivet-Talon war. One big, goddamn target that they're feeding us. You know who's behind it. You and you alone know who he is. My advice? Forget the damned station and your last broadcast, go off and save yourself while you can, and shoot that fucker in the face. Save us all the pain and sufferring he can bring.

But, we all know, there are eyes watching us. He has as many allies as we do, and the Hunter and the Warlord are only the icing on the cake. Good luck, my friend. I will see you when I do.

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