Alright, no one's been here for a while... our last real edit was so long ago it doesn't even give us the date, so I want to try and get things moving a little in the right direction.

Alright, now, we want to get moving, correct? Now, in order to do this we want to either attach to a different community or create our own. As the Fallout community doesn't want us, then I suggest we create our own. Now, right down to the logistics, I think we should start a general "Apocalypse survival wiki" and incorporate information from all reaches of media and entertainment, not simply video games. We can have a massive amount of articles, pages, members, and all in our own, self-run community. However, we need to think of how to do this. We can use wikia again, and link our current, strictly fallout-based wiki to it, we could use a different wiki client, we could implement the changes here, or something else.

It really comes down to where we want to go. And I sort of want a fresh start, to move forward with a new environment and expand upon this. We can use this wiki to link together many others, a sort of universal wiki that gives many people access to various topics of interest. They go to us for a taste, and then find one of our sister wikis for the entire package. Done and done. And of course, we'd have tons of guides and news for the good ol' apocalypse fan.

We need to do something, otherwise we'll die out before we can go anywhere. So what do you guys think?

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