(Some fan fiction I've been working on. Planning on converting it to a recording, posting it on youtube, but probably not. Enjoy!)

Hello, people of the wasteland, it is I, Boar, coming to you loud and proud from the port in the storm of Hell, Galaxy News Radio!

Now, you are all probably wondering, "Who the hell is Boar, and where the hell is Three Dog?" Well, I'll answer both questions right here, right now. I am Three Dog's personal assistant for obtaining news. Mostly, we'd get it from amateur broadcasters sending us messages via ham radios. But occasionally the big guy would send me out to find some news, and I'd go where I was told. I took on tasks others wouldn't dare, even the toughest of the tough. Am I bragging? Hell yeah, but I've earned it.

As for the location of Three Dog, I'll be plain and simple: he's dead. Sad day. Last week, some motherfucking piece of shit waltzed right into here clad in metal armor and blew is fucking brain out of his skull! Where were the goddamn Brotherhood, you ask? Called off to the wastes to deal with another raid from the Super Mutants. Poor timing. So, now I'll be bringing the news. I'll try to live up to his reputation, but that will be hard. I've got big shoes to fill.

Now, for the news. Rivet City has recently expanded its territory to encompass several buildings on its edge, stretching its reach out from the coast to the actual city itself. These buildings are being converted into industrial assembly areas as well as living quarters. They plan on manufacturing guns and bullets as well as armor for a tighter security force. To ensure the safety of the citizens moving to this area, the established the Rivet Rangers, a military force comprised of fifty good men. Area around the place is now safe and protected, and we expect to see an increase in trade.

There's been an increase of the circulation of former Enclave gear, and finally we discover why: Raven's Rock, former home to those cowardly killers, is now being excavated by a bunch of unified wanderers, who are picking it clean of goods. They call themselves the Remnants and have an outpost built where the base once was. Good to know we can always get a nice, clean blaster from them.

And last but not least the Canterbury Commons has recently established a good, secure police force, made up of former Regulators Gene May and William Turn, as well as Liam Wes and Michaela Jay, two former mercs from Magaton. Keep those guys alive, boys and girl. And to all of you folk, keep on listening. More ahead.