Wanamingos are a result of FEV virus experiments, but they are now becoming sterile. They are not aliens, but word is they were designed as FEV-tailored weapons for waging war on other countries... and they got loose. They do live a long time, but they have been dying out over the years. They have only been sighted in the Core Region and nowhere else in the wastelands. An internal genetic clock has simply stopped ticking, and they're becoming extinct. The Wannamingoes are a vicious mutant breed that had their moment in the sun, and now their sun has set.

Beware of the wanamingos as they are fast, have a high damage resistance and hit multiple times. They have a weakness though, they retreat from battle if one of their legs gets crippled. Flamers will also become your best friend, as they possess almost no fire resistance and must get close to attack.

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